wedding photographer

"I WILL GIVE YOU THE most beautiful photographs of yourself and your loved ones that you have ever seen."

I work from a beautiful studio office above the Bedford Basin Farmers Marketing in Halifax, Nova Scotia and I absolutely love to photograph people. Weddings are like a lifetime of love packed in one day.

I love my family and I bet you do too. If time has told me anything it is that my family is my most treasured gift and photographs are the tangible moments in time that if I didn't have I can guarantee you I would forget about. Just ask my sisters and husband they are fully aware that I have a short term memory when it comes to remembering events. 

I am only 5ft 6' tall and potentially getting shorter by the day but I've been told I hone Ninja like skill and style to give all my brides and grooms the most epic photographs and moments with their families they will never want to forget.